Fill in the gaps with the comparative form of the adjectives given.

1.  A rock is  than a leaf. (heavy)

2. Our house is than yours. (big)

3. The princess is than the witch. (beautiful)

4. Tom is a student than Mary. (good)

5. Bicycles are than motorbikes. (safe)

6. July is than January. (hot)

7. A lion is than a cat. (dangerous)

8. Helen is than Mary. (happy)

9. Computers are than telephones. (expensive)

10. I think golf is than football. (boring)


Fill in the gaps with the superlative form of the adjectives given.

 1. It is the shop in town. (large)

2. Monday is the day of the week. (bad)

3. Ben was the person in his family. (noisy)

4. Sam is the in the class. (popular)

5. Which is the subject at school? (difficult)

6. Jim is the player in the football team. (good)

7. Elephants are the animals. (heavy)

8. Let's pick the apple of the tree. (big)

9. Mary is the girl in the class. (thin)

10. That is the sofa in our house. (comfortable)


 Fill in the gaps with the comparative or the superlative form of the adjectives given.

 1. This armchair is than the old one. (comfortable)

2. Trains are than aeroplanes. (slow)

3. I bought the souvenir I could afford. (expensive)

4. In this classroom there are girls than boys. (many)

5. Ann is the child in the family. (young)

6. That TV set is the  of all. (cheap)

7. You are here than there. (safe)

8. Fifi is than Kate. (pretty)

9. This is the film i have ever seen. (exciting)

10. Tim is  than Peter. (talented)

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